Dogs and various photos from the area.

OH! not again! carlotta-small

Hi, my name is Sandy I am a 9 year old golden Lab, I know, handsome boy your saying !

Next to me is my adopted sister Carlotta, she doesn’t know she’s  adopted bless her, she came with the house, sort of freebee, she’s a bit feisty at times, but thats  bitches for you.

I came here to Portugal to chill out with the humans and find some foxy ladies to share a bone with, no luck yet but i’m working on it, have to learn the lingo, what is woof in Portuguese Carlotta ?

Well here I am after a good roll around in the mud, and I LOVE IT, I don’t have to clean me either hehe.

Sorry about that, our old mut is always poking his nose in, anyway here we are in Sunny Portugal, below are some photos from the coastline near to where we live, and some Nadia took of sunsets, she has a thing about sunsets, I sometimes wonder if she’s part vampire, have to watch out for her after dark !


IMG_5804 IMG_5365