A British full English breakfast

I know what you’re going to say, it’s not a healthy breakfast, well, one thing I know is it tastes much better than a bowl of dried oats or mixed dried fruits for breakfast, call me boring but I do love a full English.

Firstly let me tell you what your not going to get if you live any distance away from an “English” store in the Algarve, Pork or Beef sausage, Bacon (only streaky American type), Hash browns (never heard of them) Black pudding (No way Jose).

So what do you do, you make your own, now I am no Masterchef but i’m not a bad cook either so after a year here in Portugal I really missed my full English Breakfast, you could import your bacon and sausage at great expense but you won’t import black pudding or hash browns, not that I have found yet anyway.

So a look around the world wide webby for recipes for sausage, a trip to the butcher and ask him to cut you some back bacon (LOMO is the back), although I have found the fat content is low and you lose a little flavour but in general it’s not bad.

If you like a nice sausage then here is a simple recipe to make your own sausage patties

sausage_patties_hd Enough to make around 8 to 10 sausage patties:

400 grams of leg pork (Paleta) this is not too fatty, minced twice so you get a nice fine mince.

100 grams breadcrumbs (Farinha De Pao)

1 teaspoons Marjoram (Manjarona)

1 Teaspoons Sage (Salva)

1/2 Teaspoon sea salt (sal marinho)

A small pinch of cloves (Cravo-da-índia)

6 Teaspoons of brown sugar (açúcar mascavo)

Mix all the dry ingredients together then add the pork meat, mix it in thoroughly using your hands, I wouldn’t use a mixer you just end up with a mush.

Divide the mixture into balls around 30mm diameter and press them between pieces of greaseproof paper to around 8-10mm thickness, layer one on top of another leaving the paper to divide them, cook on a skillet or frying pan for around 5 minutes each side over a moderate heat, DELICIOUS !

Hash browns,

One of the best recipes I have found to make your own hash browns, thank you Bharatzkitchen.

As for black pudding, it’s not something I have tried yet but keep an eye on my blog, you never know.

If you found this article interesting please let us know, or any information you need for shopping in Portugal please ask.





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