NIF/Cartoria/Finanças/leg work


What is NIF

The first thing to get here in Portugal, after trying the fantastic ‘nata’ (type of custard tart, but different)  is the NIF. NIF is “Número de Identificação Fiscal” – is what identifies you before the Portuguese HRMC. It will be necessary to open a bank account, to buy a house, to enlist yourself in the public health system, to sign a working contract, to enlist in a school, etc.

Who can get a NIF

Everyone: all portuguese citizens and EU migrants.

Where to get a NIF

Onde tirar o NIF:

At offices called Finanças, usually located nearby the council offices and at “Lojas do Cidadão” (Citizen Stores).

The Lojas do Cidadão are offices that offer the most common public services to the citizens and are scattered around, making life easy for whom cannot go to or live far away of the town centres.

On the sites below you can locate the closest ‘Loja do Cidadao’ or ‘Finanças’ to you. If we can help you locating it for you, please let us know.

Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira / Lojas do Cidadão

Documents to get the NIF

You will need:

  • your passaport
  • proof of residence (bank statement, utility bill)

The residence can be in the UK. When we got our NIF we had only our address in the UK to give. Later on after moving to Portugal we just changed the NIF’s address. No problem doing this.



In September 2015 the price was 10.20 Euros. Therefore, it should be a bit more than this by now.

The payment is made in cash, not card.



It can be given straightaway, or it might take some days. It varies from place to place, there is not a rule on this. It seems that in Lisbon and Porto, you leave the office with the paper in hand. Here in Caldas da Rainha as well.

Other places may vary.


As usual, please let us know if you have any doubts.