As i’m sure you already know they drive on the right hand side here (are we the only ones that drive on the correct side) anyway, you can bring your car here and drive it for 6 months after this time you must either take it out of Portugal or register it as a Portuguese vehicle, this can be expensive and time consuming, depending on the vehicle costs could be as much as 3000 Euros, that includes modifying the lights, getting the vehicle tested, registration and local vehicle tax, a British MOT is not recognized in Portugal.

Car Insurance purchased in the UK will only normally cover you for 90 days, although there may be extensions granted by your insurer, make sure you check before you come, It is obligatory in Portugal to display an Insurance sticker in your windscreen, you can be fined if it is not displayed.

Driving in Portugal on a European driving licence is allowed for 6 Months as a non resident, however if you become a resident, you must notify the IMT (equivalent of the DVLA) and register your UK licence within 30 days of becoming a resident, it must be the new photocard type licence, you can exchange it for a Portuguese licence, in which case they will keep your UK Licence, don’t forget the DVLA will not send a replacement UK licence to anywhere abroad.