Home Expenses


General groceries are on the whole cheaper than UK prices, although some imported items are more expensive, fruit and vegetable markets are a daily occurrence here on the silver coast and its not unusual to buy them fresh daily, nearly all towns and villages have their own bakery for a myriad of freshly baked bread.


Bottled gas and Natural gas prices are equivalent to UK prices, but as competition is opening up we expect prices to go down.

Electricity: Prices are UK equivalent but the same as gas, competition is opening up so hopefully prices will be competitive.

Water & Sewage:

Most houses are fitted with water meters, although they don’t seem to read them that often and bills are usually estimated, unless you call the water company with the actual reading.

Council Tax, one good thing here, in order to attract buyers from outside the country the government has allowed all domiciled expats the first 3 years free of council tax, although there is talk of that changing. (true as of November 2016)