Things that change / Big changes

So you have decided to move, well lets look at the changes you will experience, good and bad, but i’m sure the good outweigh the bad 10-1

Learning the Language, lets face it we Brits on the whole hate speaking anything other than English, unless your Welsh, Scottish or Irish of course, but believe me you will pick it up over time, good enough to order in a restaurant, buy your groceries and order a coffee and sandwich and not forgetting a beer (Cerveja) or wine (vino) see you already learnt two words.

The Weather:

As Brits we constantly talk about the weather, its a British thing, how the day was, is or will be is a British preoccupation, here in Portugal apart from a few weeks in mid winter the weather can be more or less guaranteed to be good, you can plan your weekend at the beach, or organize that BBQ, the only concern here is the wind, it can get very windy at times with the breeze coming across from the Azores it is usually a warm breeze which at peak summer can be a relief from the intense heat, summer temperatures on the silver coast can easily reach 36-40 degrees.


Although Portugal has a free health service it is not totally free to expats, you will have to pay to see a doctor, around 5 euros for a visit, and you will have to pay for prescriptions although costs seem to be reasonable and I understand the health service reclaims the subsidy back from the UK NHS, make sure you have a European medical card obtained in the UK before you come, MOST IMPORTANT 

Most Portuguese have medical insurance, some provided by their employers or privately bought and will be around 250-350 euros per month depending on the level of cover you are looking for.


If your a sporty person then you will love it in Portugal, here are some of the finest golf courses in Europe, football is as much an obsession as it is in the UK, they even have a rugby team (but not that good i’m afraid) well not yet.

Most towns have private health and fitness centers, I tend to avoid these as being a bit of a couch potato my exercise consists of messing around in my workshop keeping from under foot, or hiding away and avoiding the washing machine, iron, and vacuum cleaner.

Cycling is very popular here and there are lots of cycle clubs around to join, and cycles are cheaper to buy in Portugal.