Lets face it, no one likes moving, it’s time consuming and worrying, we are all amazed at how much “stuff” we accumulate over a few years, we moved to london from Brazil in 2000 with 4 suitcases, 15 years later we had enough to fill a 40 foot long container to the brim from a 3 bedroom semi.

We used a company based in Lisbon for the shipping company, the cost was around 5000 euros, the team they used in the UK were brilliant and took the utmost care, I was amazed how easily they got my Motorbike into the container.

When you pack your stuff leave a lot of loose soft furnishings to fill small gaps in between larger pieces, cushions old sheets, towels etc.

Buy plenty of bubble wrap and large rolls of clingfilm, even though your furniture is in a container the salt air will still get in, so still protect your valuable furnishings as best you can.

As soon as you know you are moving give your shipping company notice of the intended moving date, even if it’s just provisional, most shipping companies only ship on certain days, make sure you are insured for the transfer of your goods bye sea, the shippers will tell you they are covered but better to be safe than sorry if you have your own Insurance.

Bringing Dogs,

If you are bringing your pet to Portugal you will need a pet passport issued by your vet, he must be microchiped and have had a rabies vaccine at least 21 days before you fly or cross in a ferry, if you need any more info on this  please drop us a line